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Betty Swan

Betty testifies that her training with Bill and Kathy Johnson`s prophetic ministry changed the trajectory of her life. She refers people to our ministry all the time. As a former Amarillo resident, Betty now ministers around the world and continues to base her ministry off prophetic words given to her by prophetic voices in our region. She was "in us", "of us" and is now "out of us" advancing the Kingdom.

Betty Swann, President and CFO of Betty Swann Ministries and Pennies From Heaven has been involved in all kinds of ministry for almost 50 years. She is an ordained minister and trains leaders all over the world, from Belarus to the Philippines, from five countries in Africa to Pakistan to refugees in Europe.

She does it through conferences, TV shows, and personal private mentoring of individuals from heads of state to the man on the street. Betty and her husband, Bill, moved to New York City in 2009 after Bill retired from veterinary medicine, and she felt a strong calling to teach in New York City what she has taught all over the world.

In 2006, she began a Christian TV show that was shown in many countries as well as the USA. Since 2015, she has had a TV show called "Wisdom in the Night" which is on public access TV in New York City and goes to the boroughs of New York. It is now on three different Christian TV networks which go into over 200 countries.

Called by the Lord to begin a ministry to immigrants in Europe, specifically starting in Paris, France in 2018, Betty and Bill set up a team of young professionals and themselves. It is called FEAST, which is an acronym for "Fueling Empowerment Through Art, Sport, and Technology". This ministry will eventually go all over Europe helping refugees find purpose and meaning for their lives.

Betty has an apostolic calling especially to churches, government, media, and education and moves in signs and wonders.